Ship Kit Management

Besides the supply of reefer unit spareparts, Smith-Holland can provide your fleet with either, purchased or leased, spare part kits. We are however able to offer you not just the supply of sparepart kits but also offer inventory control all over the world.

All container vessels need spareparts eventually, maintenance is therefore required during the voyage at sea. The need of complete and up-to-date ship kits is a necessity. The administrative and operational procedures of the ship kits can be an enormous burden for your organisation.

With Smith-Holland’s Ship Kit Management program it is possible to adapt our services according to the specific wishes of the customer by making use of the already consisting IT solutions and service network of the customer.

We have learned, by experience, that by offering technical assistance, shore assistance, ship kit management from one centralised area for all vessels and subcontractors, generates smoother and more effective operations which will eventually lead to less costs.

The following items are included in our specialised custom-made solutions:

  • Ship-Kit Management, parts stored and supplied to vessels
  • Parts supply followed by technical assistance by using the already possible existing information about the system of the vessel
  • Part delivery, restricted to the main regions of the world, cost effective part supply; this off course in combination with the use of ship kits
  • Arranging shore assistance in the next port of call by using the already existing service network
  • Ship-Kit Control System, by checking the content of the ship kits, according to the documented failures
  • Inventory of kits on board vessel
  • Knowledge of technical assistance, providing 24/7 technical support
  • Warranty claim services following technical assistance services
  • Reefer failure management and documentation
  • Less administrative burden and central invoice solutions
  • All of these items will be specially adapted to comply with your shipping region, ports of call and if necessary already existing service centre agreements.

Smith-Holland’s Ship Kit Management enables you to save time and money and it streamlines the efficiency of your company.

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