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Shipkit Management

Besides the supply of reefer unit spare parts Smith Holland can provide your fleet with either, purchased or leased, spare part shipkits. We are able to offer you not just the supply of shipkits but also offer inventory control from all over the world.

We have learned, by experience, that by offering technical assistance 24/7 and shipkit management from one centralised area for all vessels and subcontractors, generates a smoother and more effective operations which will eventually lead to costs saving of 20-35%.

With our online dashboard all involved parties can check the status of the shipkits, replaced parts, costs and guarantees.

Online Dashboard 24/7

Our online dashboard is an extra service to monitor all shipkits. It streamlines the communication between vessel, Smith-Europe's service center and shipping lines. All parties involved can check the status of the shipkits, replaced parts, costs, statistics and guarantees.

Shipkit Inventory Optimisation

At all times we ensure an optimized shipkit inventory which results in an efficient workflow and significant cost savings. We accomplish this by the following procedures: 

  • Inventory check and advice
  • Buyback, re-use and topping up of parts

Technical Assistance 24/7

We provide technical assistance 24/7 by phone, e-mail or internet. Because most vessels do not have a standard internet or phone connection we created an automated technical assistance form that can be filled in anytime. The technical assistance form will be send and automatically imported in our online dashboard when the vessel get in reach of internet.

Global Part Supply

We use customer's existing global vendor network in all key ports. When we have a better deal we will shift only in mutual agreement. Through our network of local dealers we ensure that spare parts are available close to where your equipment is operating. Should our local dealer not have the spare parts required on stock, we will deliver them from our central warehouse in Spijkenisse, Holland directly to you. Our dealers can order spare parts with us at any time and deliveries can be arranged 24/7.

Property Stock

We will inventory all parts, which are in the shipkits or overstock parts that we collected from the vessel. These property parts will be technically checked, if needed packaging will be renewed and part number updated to the latest version of the OEM manufacturer. All property parts will then be stored and re-used for on board supply and/or to top up shipkits.

Warranty Claim Services

After receiving a correct completed Technical Assistance (TA) form from the vessel, we will check if the defective part can be claimed under warranty with the manufacturer. In all key ports Smith-Europe will supply the claimed parts free of charge on board of the vessel. Smith-Europe will handle the complete warranty claim, including paperwork and communication with the OEM manufacturer. Smith-Europe will provide frequently an overview of all warranty claims carried out.

Central Invoicing

Smith Europe organises the complete administration and central invoicing, concerning global shipkit management. All administration and central invoicing will be filed in our IT system. Consequently, Smith Europe can always provide an updated overview of all ship-kit management processes.

More information?

Daniela Meijer

Sales Reefer Parts & Shipkit Management
+31 181 678 430