To anyone, who pays a visit to the workshops of Smith-Holland nowadays, it must be hard to imagine in what way Syko Smith founded the company in 1970. Syko Smith started his company in an old building in Vlaardingen. Right from the start, Syko Smith's priorities were quality, together with personal service and fast delivery. All this ensured a trustworthy customer relationship. In 1982 his son Edward J. Smith joined the company in 1982 and Smith-Holland became the authorised dealer for all major manufacturers in the industry. In 2006 Smith-Holland expanded its refrigerated container operations into Antwerp, Belgium by the name of Smith-Belgium, quickly followed by expansions  into Le Havre, France in 2007 by the name Smith-France, and Duisburg, Germany in 2009 by the name Smith-Germany. To date, Smith-Holland and its subsidiaries, still operate in the conviction of Syko Smith's 'Quality and Commitment' and still being a market leading company providing the highest level of service possible to each and every customer.