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Holiday wishes 2023

27 December 2023

Dear relation,

With Christmas just behind us and the end of the year in sight, Smith-Europe looks back on 2023.
It has been a difficult year in times of unrest in the world economy. This has been the driver for the substantial loss of shipping volume over the year and especially in the Reefer trade in Europe.

However, Smith Europe has adjusted to the situation and has managed to succeed in achieving its goals and we are proud of our team of employees.
With this message we would like to thank all our loyal customers and relations for their trust in our company and we look forward to 2024 in which we will continue our cooperation. 

As everyone knows, each year we show you our gratitude through our New Year's Eve tradition. 
However the success we all can have in business and in private there are, unfortunately and even today, always less fortunate groups and persons around us who are in need of help. In the spirit of Christmas we are proud to continue our tradition and look out for local charity and we have  chosen to make this budget available for a donation to 3 different causes:

- The ‘Voedselbank’ in Spijkenisse

This organization hands out food to the less fortunate in society. Especially during the Christmas period, every support is needed. So also on your behalf we helped our fellow man in difficult times.

- The ‘Voedselbank’ in Vlaardingen

 This organization helps people in Vlaardingen who live below the poverty line by temporarily providing them with free food packages. The foundation of Smith Holland started from Vlaardingen. 

  • the foundation “Niet graag een lege maag!/Do not like an empty stomach”

“Niet graag een lege maag” is a foundation in Rotterdam founded by Johan Muurlink, better known in Rotterdam as “Johan de Boterhammenman”.  Since 2018 Johan has been making sandwiches every school day for children who do not receive lunch from home.

We wish everyone a healthy and successful New Year.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Healthy.

From all of us here at Smith Europe.