Remote Monitoring Terminals

Real-time wireless control for all your reefer container traffic.

From fruit to fish, meat to medicine, poultry to pharma, more refrigerated container traffic is moving through more ports than ever before. The business opportunities are significant. So are the operational challenges. Our terminal service gives container terminal operators full control over reefer traffic management with powerful remote monitoring, process automation and reporting tools:

• Plug and play wireless 2-way monitoring and control

• Remote set point changes, PTIs, data downloads

• Automated alarms, checks and alerts

• Manual monitoring eliminated

• Supports the full reefer visit – vessel, gate and yard

• Allows ‘at risk’ reefers to be identified and managed

• For stack, rack and genset operations

• Real-time TOS synchronization

• At-a-glance dashboards

• Reports and audit trail

• Windows-based user interface for desktop and tablet