Monitor Reefer Containers

As independent reefer service company we offer several third parties remote monitoring hardware for reefer containers. Telematics hardware is a must, but the challenge is what to do with all reefer data. Due to years of experience we know what to do with all data and as reeferservice company we can immediately respond on alarms and other events.

24/7 monitoring center

In our headquarters in Spijkenisse we have 24/7  a team of reefer specialists available. Our team can manage the whole reefer fleet regarding alarms, technical assistance, set point changes, etc. For more information about our monitoring center, click here.

Continuous visibility

Using GSM/GPRS you can see 24/7 the condition and position of your reefer unit. The hardware integrates with the controllor of every manufacturere type. Normally every 15 minutes a new update will be send to 

The hardware captures the following data:

  • Containers IDs,
  • Temperatures
  • Humidity
  • Reefer operation modes
  • Alarms
  • Data downloads
  • Anything else from controller
  • Two way communication

You cannot only retrieve data from the reefer unit, but you can send actual commands to the reefer. The following commands are supported:

  • Change setpoint
  • Software updates
  • Pre-trips
  • Track and trace reefers

With our solution you can track and trace your reefer unit 24/7. Via 'breadcrumbs' navigation you can see the latest reefer trip.