Remote Monitoring Chassis

Heavy equipment is a big investment, which is why it’s so important to keep your equipment running at peak performance levels. Idling, aggressive driving, fuel waste and unauthorized or rough use can make your equipment more expensive to operate and maintain. Installing an effective tracking solution of Smith-Europe helps extend the useful life of your heavy equipment and trailers.

Locate your equipment, monitor the way assets are being deployed and track the hours your drivers work. Heavy equipment GPS tracking devices provide the data for reports — reports that provide complete understanding of your equipment activity.

With our service product, Smith-Europe brings your business performance up to levels only imagined through our complementary financial, operational and consulting services. Take the advantage and improve your business with the latest technology and know-how from the experts.

Data and reporting tailor-made to fit your systems and operations 

Integration is possible with your existing Transport Management Software (TMS), so you only need one system for all of your fleetmanagement needs. Brand new user interface with easy-to-use functions that translate detailed data into actionable information to enable better and faster decision-making and help manage the exceptions

New reporting tools, complete with clear graphical representations, that measure individual asset or overall fleet performance, determine factors affecting performance and set target objectives for improvement – all available in one easy click

Information can be delivered through our user interface &/or by server based data transfer. Notification of serious events delivered through the user interface, via email or as a SMS text message.