Monitoring Center

In today’s fast paced coldchain operations, information is key. Managing the traffic along the coldchain, whether over land or sea, requires sophisticated tracking tools and massive volumes of data. That’s where Smith-Europe comes in. Our Remote Monitoring Center has the technological skills to design and build the necessary technology for you, and the experience to monitor the data generated effectively. The ability to track, trace, monitor and respond to events makes managing your supply chain much easier. Remote Monitoring will make your daily business more effortless and future operations more efficient.


Container tracking system is not just convenience to statisfy curiosity but also the hidden weapon in the battle for your new clients. When you visit the website with container, genset or trailer tracking your clients get the chance to complete the request and establish new business ties. You can give no importance on that and think that all clients will be loyal to you forever. That is not correct. Therefore take up the arms of new technologies.