Contaminated Systems / R40

Since the end of 2011, counterfeited refrigerants are being used in the reefer industry. Apart from a non-dangerous mix of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) as well as blends of R22, R142b and the dangerous R40 have been found. R40 together with the aluminium components in the system, activates a reaction. During this reaction it is possible that TMA (Tri-Methyl Aluminium) is formed. Under certain conditions TMA can lead to the explosion of components in the refrigeration system.

For the safety of our employees, Smith-Holland has decided to check the contents of every reefer refrigeration system preliminary to carry out repairs.

The initial system ‘health check’ can be carried out by means of a ‘tube test’ or by a ‘flame halide test’. When the test indicates contamination in the refrigeration system, a sample of the refrigerant gas will have to be sent to the laboratory for further analysis. On the basis of the results from the laboratory, we provide the customer with the possible repair options for the contaminated reefer unit.

In case R40 has been detected in a reefer unit, we are one of the few companies in the world that offers their customers the possibility to neutralise and/or repair the reefer refrigeration system in our workshop. In our workshop we safely neutralise the TMA, retrieve the gas and oil, remotely. Then we clean the system by changing oil, filter-drier and refrigerant in several flushing cycles. 

All reefer units which have been cleaned will be clearly marked with labels and sealed with a specific Smith-Holland seals.

We are constantly checking for all new possibilities and information concerning developments in contaminated systems and new mobile analysers. We keep developing new, safer and faster methods to measure and clean contaminated reefer units.

Smith-Holland offers a broad range of solutions for cleaning, inspections and repairs. For more detailed information, you can download the presentation and/or contact our specialists.